The Promise of Computational Competition Law and Economics: Issues, Prospects


00:00:00 - Greeting Speeches
00:00:08 - Introduction to the conference by HCC staff Evgenia Ioannidou
00:01:03 - Ioannis Lianos, President of the Hellenic Competition Commission
00:06:20 - Alexey Ivanov, Director, BRICS Competition Law and Policy Centre 

00:11:12 - Panel 1 Policy and legal issues arising from the use of computational tools in competition law enforcement
00:12:04 - Michal Gal, Professor, Haifa University (Chair) 
00:12:51 - Thibault Schrepel, Assistant Professor, Utrecht University School of Law, Faculty Affiliate at Stanford University’s CodeX Center 
00:23:55 - Giuseppe Colangelo, Jean Monnet Chair, University of Basilicata; Fellow at the Transatlantic Technology Law Forum, Stanford University Law School 
00:35:01 - Yann Guthmann, Head of the Digital Economy Unit, French Competition Authority 
00:43:29 - Elena Rovenskaya, Program Director, Advancing Systems Analysis Program, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) 
00:58:07 - Pierre Régibeau, Chief Economist, DG Competition, European Commission 
01:07:23 - Ioannis Lianos, President of the Hellenic Competition Commission (Discussant) 

01:16:35 - Panel 2 The use of data science tools in competition law enforcement - the prospects of Artificial Intelligence in the future
01:16:56 - Ioannis Lianos, President of the Hellenic Competition Commission (Chair) 
01:18:12 - Susana Campuzano, Head of Economic Intelligence Unit, Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia - Spain 
01:35:35 - David Dorrell, Director of Data Science, Competition and Markets Authority – UK 
01:47:56 - Bence Toth, PhD candidate, University College London; Senior Analyst, Government Transparency Institute 
02:04:34 - Tatiana Lima, Analyst at the Coordination of Anticompetitive Conduct Studies, Department of Economic Studies, Competition Authority of Brazil 
02:12:58 - Evgeny Litovchenko, Deputy Director, the Information Technology Center of the FAS Russia 
02:21:48 - Vassilis Vassalos, Data Science Expert, Hellenic Competition Commission 
02:44:43 - Alexey Ivanov, Director, BRICS Competition Law and Policy Centre (Discussant) 
02:51:57 - Conclusions - Discussion

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