Elisavet Chairparoglou

Elisavet is an economist. After completing her bachelor’s degree in economics from the School of Economy and Public Administration, Department of Economic and Regional Development at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences in 2000, she obtained a master’s degree in 2006 from the same institution. These academic achievements have provided her with a solid foundation in economic theory, regional development, and public administration.

From 2001 to 2023, Elisavet held a significant position at the Greek Payment Authority of Common Agricultural Policy (C.A.P.) Aid Schemes (OPEKEPE), which is a private legal entity that has been operating since 2001 for the benefit of the public, under the supervision of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food. During her tenure, Elisavet played an important role in financial management, compliance, and the successful implementation of various programs. Her notable responsibilities and achievements during this period include:

Issuing of Ministerial Decisions aimed at recovering illegally or unjustifiably paid amounts, ensuring strict adherence to regulations and legal requirements. Close coordination with the Accounting Department to streamline the collection of outstanding amounts, contributing to accurate and efficient financial management. Provision of crucial information and timely updates to Community Bodies, along with collaboration with national authorities such as the Tax Administration and the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), to combat fraudulent activities and promote transparency. Active participation in audits conducted by esteemed institutions like the European Court of Auditors and the European Commission, ensuring compliance with financial regulations and best practices. Effectively collaborating with the Legal Council of the State, seeking legal guidance, and ensuring alignment of organizational actions with the law. Organization and coordination of public intervention in the purchase of agricultural products, supporting the agricultural sector and ensuring fair pricing. Ensuring prompt and accurate processing and clearance of payment files, facilitating timely disbursement of funds to beneficiaries. Successful sales of products acquired through intervention purchases, contributing to market stabilization, and supporting local farmers. Conducting comprehensive administrative and on-site inspections of entities involved in the management and implementation of actions under the Rural Development Program 2007-13. Performing meticulous administrative checks on payment files, ensuring accuracy and compliance with program requirements. Collaborating closely with the Managing Authority of the Rural Development Program (RDP) for the programming periods 2007-13 and 2014-2020, towards developing strategies for rural development, enhancing the competitiveness of the agri-food sector, and promoting sustainable growth in rural areas. Conducting accounting entries and verifying cleared payment files, guaranteeing the accuracy of financial records and adherence to accounting standards. Participating in the preparation of the Balance Sheet of the Agricultural Product Guarantee Account and agreement on the accounting books of the Account, contributing to financial transparency and accountability. Actively contributing to the preparation and drafting of the Annual Financial Report, supporting the organization's compliance with reporting requirements.

Currently, as of 01/03/2023, Elisavet holds a position at the Hellenic Competition Commission (HCC) in the Directorate for International Relations and Communications, specifically in the Department for International Relations. Reporting directly to the President of the Hellenic Competition Commission, her primary responsibilities involve monitoring, participating in, and communicating matters related to the functioning of free competition at the national, European, and international levels. 


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